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Sagra Rooftop Restaurant

Sagra rooftop restaurant venice

Sagra Rooftop Restaurant

Get a natural high inhaling the 360-degree view over JW Marriott Venice's park, the lagoon and Venice's skyline at Sagra Rooftop Restaurant. Relax among shades of blue that connect the sky and water, and enjoy a local, typical, and seasonal culinary experience.

Named for ‘Sagra', a traditional food festival, the menu offers a culinary journey through Italy, from the northern hills of Piemonte to the fresh catch from the southern shores. Evenings are socially vibrant, as guests enthuse over the amuse-bouche, the signature drink list, and the Venetian famous Cicchetti. 
Lunchtime entices with zesty salads, delicious pasta, or fresh fish from Rialto market, and ends with the irresistible Italian coffee, Espresso! 
Begin dinner with the traditional small bites and an aperitif, then prepare to explore a constantly evolving menu!

Opening Hours

  • Lunch: 12.00 pm - 3.00 pm 
  • Dinner: 6.30 pm - 10.30 pm 
  • All Day Dining (Snacks): 11.00 am - 6:30 pm
Our Menu

Our Menu

Sagra Rooftop Restaurant Venice
Sagra Rooftop Restaurant

Our Philosophy

The concept of Sagra's Rooftop Restaurant is simple: a unique food philosophy that celebrates the rich culinary heritage of Italy while embracing contemporary gastronomic trends, masterly reinterpreted by the Executive Chef Raffaele Lotto.
The food philosophy becomes a lively and tasteful party, designed to be savored in the pleasantness of conviviality, such as a party or a ‘Sagra', with an Italian character that conquers and discovers the innovative side of tradition.
Aperitif Venezia Sagra Rooftop Restaurant
Sagra Rooftop Restaurant


The incredible view over Venice and its lagoon comes together with a great atmosphere, to create a Rooftop Bar and a Restaurant experience like no other. Start your evenings with a high level of fun, and relish a drink on one of the most exclusive terraces in Venice. 
Try our signature cocktails and delicious Cicchetti, and stay for an exquisite dinner, all while enjoying the most beautiful sunset!
Sagra Rooftop Restaurant Dinner in Venice
Sagra Rooftop Restaurant


The rooftop view is stunning, but it is only the beginning of an incredible gastronomical experience! In Sagra, we honor the best gastronomical secrets of the Italian cuisine, redesigned in a modern way, with gourmet touches. The menu includes details from all parts of the country, and all the dishes are crafted using fresh ingredients and locally cultivated products.
Sagra Rooftop Restaurant Venice
Sagra Rooftop Restaurant

Sagra Poolside Bar & Events

Elevate your senses at Sagra Rooftop Restaurant, where masterful mixology meets the enchanting flavors of nature, where apricots, figs, or green apples converge to craft cocktails that celebrate the artistry of nature's bounty.
Celebrate your weekends in style, and don't miss the positive vibes and live music at Sagra Rooftop Terrace! Step into our world at JW Marriott Venice, and be part of a unique experience, tasting exquisite aperitifs on the beats of fresh music!
The gentle caress of the sun transforms the lagoon into a masterpiece of colors, creating a feast for the eyes, and exhilarating flavors for the palate. Cheers to an experience that welcomes you into a world of unparalleled relaxation and flavor.

Sagra Rooftop Restaurant Venice The Vegetable Garden
Sagra Rooftop Restaurant Venice

The Vegetable Garden

The JW Vegetable Garden, meticulously tended by the expert hands of Executive Chef Raffaele Lotto, is a thriving source of fresh products for the JW restaurants and the Sagra Restaurant. Located in a corner of the JW Hotel property, the JW Vegetable Garden is a testament to the commitment to culinary excellence and sustainability. Under the expert guidance of Chef Lotto, the garden has been carefully designed to produce a diverse range of high-quality vegetables, herbs, and fruits. Crops are carefully selected to align with the seasonal offerings of the Sagra Restaurant menu. As always, we are committed to using locally sourced, organic, and seasonal ingredients, making the JW garden a valuable resource. 

A gastronomic journey into Italy through regional traditions and specialties
Sagra Rooftop Restaurant Venice